Thursday, 13 February 2014

Smitten Polish Nimbus Take Two

The last time I showed you Smitten Polish Nimbus there was no sun in gloomy England but when I put it on today in preparation for work there were remnants of sunlight so I snapped these two quick pictures to show you the glory of this polish.
I've been very busy starting my new job, celebrating my birthday and moving all my stuff into London but the blog will be starting to pick up again now :).
Isn't it gorgeous, the scattered linear holo lifts the grey polish. I'm very excited about getting back to blogging, doing a little bit of makeup and lifestyle mixed in with my nails. Next up, what made it into my handbag?


  1. Wow, this one is gorgeous - I love pale holographic shades :D I have a a holo top coat that I use on pretty much all the pastels I wear.
    PS: You've been tagged for a Liebster award in my last blog post :)

  2. This is stunning! I've nominated you for a Liebster award! My post is at

  3. Pretty color! Hope you had a nice birthday!


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