Thursday, 20 June 2013

June tri-polish 2- roses

For my second tri-polish mani I thought I'd have a go at two techniques new to me, a skittlette (inspired by Chit Chat Nails) and freehand roses (inspired by the Nailasaurus). My roses need a little more work but I enjoyed painting them.

Again this is NYC Chelsea Cherry, Greenwich Village and Lavender Cupcake with an accent nail of Happy Hands Motherboy. I mixed a little red with white to paint the lightest colour on the roses.
The roses would have worked better with little leaves I think but I couldn't use green and I didn't think to do gold or silver leaves until later.
I think Greenwich Village is my new favourite pink, it's just so bright and creamy. It reminds me of raspberries and cream.


  1. I love this skittlette! The combination is just perfect :)

    1. Thank you, i was really pleased with it :)

  2. Well done! Lovely, lovely and kind of girly, too!


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