Sunday, 30 June 2013

Digital Nails Spectraflair

When I was browsing the Digital Nails etsy shop I came across her Spectraflair top coat- a top coat which can make any polish holographic by applying it over the top. How could I resist that? I first decided to try it over solid polishes just to get a feel for the effect. If it doesn't come out in the pictures allow me to express how amazing this polish is: there are rainbows flying off my nails! I tried it over A England Dorian Gray, Barry M Racing Green, Barry M Black, Nails Inc Hampstead Heath and OPI Eurso Euro. One coat of spectraflair wasn't enough for my tastes (although if you're not secretly a magpie it would be) and two coats was magical.
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Of these colours I like it most on the blue and the grey.
This is in daylight versus in sunlight. It still has a little holographic bend in most lights but it is fantastic in full sunlight. I also used this over the top of my fishy nails manicure and it made them look amazing!
Nails Inc have brought out a holographic top coat also so that might be worth checking out for people who aren't willing to ship polish in from America. I have that but it looks more like large holographic particles. It is currently at my room in Cambridge and I'm in Huddersfield but I'll show you what it looks like when I have it again.

Tomorrow I will start on the Oh mon dieu! It's the rather awesome 31 day challenge giveaway! hosted by Craftynail, Eeek! Nail Polish! and Brijit's Digits. I have been pondering about doing a 31 day challenge for a while and this month I think I will have the time to do so.

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