Sunday, 16 June 2013

Essie Fishtail

I recently got my hands on five polishes from the Essie 2013 Summer collection and decided to pair three of them together in a fishtail look. This is  Naughty nautical, The girls are out and Full steam ahead.
They looked amazing together but my camera struggled a little to pick up all of these colours.
I love fishtail manis they look so elegant even when done in very bright colours.
I'm getting much neater at painting my nails, I get the cuticle curve right almost every time now and don't nudge the sides :). Writing this blog has definitely challenged me to improve my skills and execution and try out a few more exciting polish combinations. My posting in the next week may be a little more sporadic as I enjoy our week of balls to celebrate the end of the year. I will particularly be enjoying it because I achieved my desired 2:1!

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