Friday, 7 June 2013

The Ultimate Ginger- Digital Nails

My second Digital Nails parcel finally arrived :). I was really excited by the Ladies of Who collection and got four of them although now I wish I had bought Hello Sweetie as well. The first one I wanted to put on my nails was actually Run You Clever Boy, which is surprising because I'm not really a red kind of girl but my outfit choices conspired against me and I ended up wearing The Ultimate Ginger, a tribute to Amy Pond. This polish is a reference to the excellent episode where they meet Vincent Van Gough. For me this episode shows the heart of Doctor Who and highlights why fans love the show so much- how could you not be moved by the Doctor taking a struggling painter from a time when he is not appreciated to somewhere where an art critic will tell him that he is the greatest painter who ever lived. I think it also deals with the issue of depression in a very sensitive manner "the painful days don't take away from the good days".

I am also showing you vinyl nail decals from Make it Stick- I saw these on Pshiiit and I thought they looked really cool. I love these- they properly stick flat to the nail and they're really easy to apply. I thought they looked really good on my nails :).

This polish (if you couldn't tell from the photos) is gorgeous, especially if you're a blue green person like me (I swear half my polish collection is blue). The combination of glitters in a very sheer turquoise base is not any that I would ever have put together and yet it works. As I was pressed for time and didn't know how many coats the polish would take to be opaque I layered it over a coat of NYC Blue Sky which was the closest I had to the base. 
I decided to use a matte top coat and the polish did not like it and shrunk away from my cuticles quite a lot. Bizarrely this seems to make people think that the nails are stick on because the polish doesn't cover the full nail even though I could polish them this way if I so chose. 
I've had all of my blog posts scheduled for the last two weeks so its very strange now to have to go back to doing them the day before they go out. I also can't do anything on my right hand at the moment because my index finger nail is criminally short due to a very upsetting breakage. In the out and about in Cambridge section here is Jesus Green and a group of 3rd years from Christ's (my college) went barbequing.

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