Saturday, 15 June 2013

Digital Nails Run you clever boy

This is the final Digital nails polish that I have to show you from the last lot that I bought and it is Run you clever boy and remember, a polish dedicated to the mysterious Clara Oswald. Here is the beautiful polish and a picture which could well have been the inspiration for this polish. Run you clever boy is a deep maroon coloured polish with green colour shifting flakies.
Source:Smiles on rainy days
Clara is the latest companion of Doctor Who and her plot line was a huge mystery right up until the end of the series. It was very refreshing to have a new companion after so long of Amy Pond and Rory and there were so many great episodes in this series, I can't wait for the 50th anniversary special episode in November where Tenant's Doctor and Rose are coming back.
I decided to accompany Run you clever boy with some triangular gold studs I purchased from ebay. I have very curved nails and originally I was unsure of wearing these as they would poke up off the sides of my nails but I learned a trick off Globe and Nail where you can curve large studs over a pencil to make them sit on your nails better which works incredibly well. I wore these for four days and the polish didn't chip and the studs didn't come off.
I think this is three thin coats of Run you clever boy. My bottle was quite thick but still easy to apply just with a little more care. This polish is so classy I love it. I will let Clara have the final word
Source: Claraoswalds

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