Tuesday, 4 June 2013

I'm having an Aluminium moment

And yet another post with nail art over Aluminium Monster by Happy Revolution, its amazing :). I think I put this up on my facebook as spacey, liney nails haha. It just looks intergalactic to me for some reason. This is stamped with NYC Magic Earth.
This stamp is from the Bundle Monster set that I own and it's definitely one of the ones you can use to show off the base polish whilst adding a little extra touch.
The NYC foil polishes are excellent stampers, they're very opaque, show up over black and are so cheap that you don't really mind how much you lose with stamping.
This is my right hand hence the very short nails for ease of use :). Tomorrow there will be something different, a little bit more of a jokey post based on a How I Met Your Mother episode and then next week I'm cooking up something really different for the blog so keep looking :).

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