Thursday, 6 June 2013


My Digital Nails parcel came last week and I've been working my way through these polishes ever since, once I took off Ultimate Ginger which I will be showing you tomorrow, I put on Expelliarmus, the Martha Jones inspired nail polish. I'm not really a purple person but this polish has enough interest to make me enjoy it and whoever I end up giving it to out of my friends will probably love it. The formula is excellent, I didn't have to fish for the large circles and the glitter applied really evenly. There is an awesome bright blue shimmer to this polish so I decided to pair it with my new Orly neon blue, Blue Collar. This is my second time using the Manicurator's geometric French tip design and I think it works really well with these two polishes, I used a white underneath the blue to make it more neon.
Click on the jump to see some more photos of this and of a Cambridge event.

I wore Expelliarmus alone for an event held by my University Department as a last hurrah in the Cambridge Museum of Zoology before it closes for renovation. There was free food and drink so of course many students were there. This is the first post of my Cambridge series showing you a little insider peek into what goes on as a student at Cambridge once exams are over and the partying is happening. I'm hoping to get around a few colleges as well as Christ's to show you a few of the hidden nooks along with more nail art. 
This is the interior of the Zoology museum
So this is me on the right at the event and I also took a picture of my nails there with my wine glass on the left :).

Sorry about the poor quality of these photos, I forgot to take my camera with me so I had to use my phone camera which is not the most amazing thing ever.

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