Sunday, 2 June 2013

Glittery lightening for the end of exams

What do 21/22 year olds do when they finish the final exam of their degrees? Party of course :). In honour of the massive amounts of partying that will occur in the next two weeks I have done glittery nails with some lightening bolts stamped over the top of them. These got soooo many compliments from my friends- it makes me feel so good when my friends notice and compliment my nails. So here they are this is Nails Inc Maida Vale, Jessica Platinum Wishes and Girly Bits Eight Crazy nights with an accent nail of piCture pOlish Paradise stamped over using Konad special black polish and a Bundle monster plate.

As I will not be working for the next two weeks I thought I'd take the opportunity to get some pictures of Cambridge and whatever we end up doing and I will give you an insight into life at Cambridge University along with some rocking nails. Now that I and many of my friends have finished I will also be doing their nails more so look out for that. In two weeks time May Week will begin (yes, May Week is actually in June) this is a week where all of the Cambridge colleges put on balls which run from 9pm through to 6am or June events which are shorter and we all go to numerous garden parties and drink endless amount of Pimms.

This week is a celebration that we all made it through another year at Cambridge and is probably the highlight of each year. These are all quite formal occasions and I will be taking the opportunity to show you how I match my nails to my outfits and the ball themes. So far I have plans to go to Downing May Ball, King's Affair, St. Catherine's June Event and two garden parties.
I went out and found a flowerbed and took some pictures with the beautiful flowers in the background :)

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