Tuesday, 1 October 2013

31DC Recreate Your Favourite

My favourite manicure done for the challenge was the Nailasaurus' rainbow manicure (here). This was my first time attempting the waterfall technique that she pioneered but I absolutely love it- everyone who saw me while I was wearing this complimented me on it!
I used far too many nail polishes in this to tell you their names but the base is OPI My Vampire is Buff. My bottle of it is starting to become a little gloopy I've used so much of it.
I finally figured out how to add the google friend connect widget to my sidebar- so if you'd like to add me please do :)
And there we have the end of the 31 day challenge! Its been fun but I'm looking forward to having a little break :). I'll probably do a round up this weeks showing you which designs I'm most proud of.


  1. Ahaha, great minds think alike ;-)
    Yours turned out better though, so high five!!

  2. Wow, the gradient you've made with the waterfall is stunning! I can so understand why people complimented you, this looks great! :D


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