Monday, 21 October 2013

33DC: Chinese Pandas

This is possibly one of the most stereotypical things you could think of when it comes to China and I don't even want to guess how many people will do pandas. However I couldn't resist the opportunity to do some subtle stamped bamboo and then stamp pandas over the top.
The base for this is Ethereal Lacquer Thigh Highs which I showed you yesterday. I stamped using 2 True Arete, NYC Full Metal Jacket and Konad Black. During this I managed to knock my konad black off the table and spill it onto my clothes! Ah the casualties of nail art.
I love my little pandas sitting there munching on bamboo.
Ok so I could have done something a little bit more original but I love this and it's a very neutral direction (as opposed to the red and gold dragon I was also considering). Tomorrow's post also features a new indie polish that I love so come back to see how I wore that one :).


  1. Pandas yay! It looks great :-)

  2. The Panda's are so cute! I love the background too - you're stamping skills are amazing! :)

  3. Even though it might be stereotypical, I really love these! The gold/green bamboo look really nice and the pandas are so cute!

  4. I love the color combo you used for this! It gives it the look of an elegant embroidered kimono. So much more original that all the red and gold manis (my own included)!

  5. Very cute stamp! Stereotypical or not, I love it!


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