Friday, 25 October 2013

33DC Woodland Animals

The prompt for today is animals and I had to use this mani from Eeeek! Nail Polish as my idea because it was so gorgeous (much better than mine ;)). We have here a badger, a fox and erm... a dog? My boyfriend thinks it's a squirrel... Plus the tail of the brown creature which was my little addition to this :).
I love this so much- I still need more practice with acrylic paint to make it do what I want it to (my fox was a little lumpy).
For the base I used A England St. George then stamped with Moyou Pro Plate 8 (I think) and NYC Magic Earth to produce a leafy background. The stamping alone looked incredible- I wish I'd taken a picture before I attacked it with acrylic paint. I know it's quite a common thing to do tone on tone stamping but I personally haven't done it before. With my new squishy stamper I am able to do art over stamped backgrounds because I don't have to wait ages for polish to dry before stamping.
I love these little woodland critters :)


  1. These are adorable! :D

  2. These look super cute! Your stamping does look beautiful :) And the fox looks so adorable!

  3. You did a great job - loving the tail on the pinky finger :-)


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