Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Celtic Heart Knots

When I got my Bundle Monster 2013 Blogger Collection Plates I was really drawn to this full nail image of heart shaped celtic knots. I decided to stamp it over a gradient of A England polishes Ascalon, Lady of the Lake and Tristam. I think I've said before that the A England polishes gradient out really nicely and work together really well in most combinations. If you follow me on facebook or twitter you've probably seen this image already- I got a little arty with my shiny new plates. I have other pictures of this manicure but none that I like so much so I'm only going to show you this one plus some pictures of what I've been working on in my spare time.
Polish jewellery! I made this galaxy themed ring for a friends birthday (you are also getting a slightly blurry sneak peek at Thursday's nail art). 
It was a bit tricky to figure out how to do a galaxy backwards but I managed it :).
So there we have my ventures into nail polish jewellery. I'll keep you updated with any other designs I make.


  1. Beautiful design on the Celtic pattern and your ring was cool too. It actually reminded my of some of these cool crystals that can be found in mountains.

    1. Thanks :), I know what you mean about the crystals

  2. I just nominated you for the Liebster award. :)


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