Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Crows Toes Tiki Torch Swatch and Nail Art

When the latest Crows Toes collection came out there were a few I fancied (One Trick Pony, Storms Never Last, Boat Drinks) but the only one I had to have come hell or high water was Tiki Torch. Tiki Torch is a purple jelly with tiny glitters which flash up holographic in the colours of fire.
I mean who could look at that and not be enchanted! It looks very much like you have the embers of a fire on your nails. I didn't want to cover up much of the base with nail art so I decided to apply some rose water decals I was sent along with some indie nail polish.
These decals were very easy to use and look very effective considering how little effort they take to apply. I did all of my nails on both hands and had matching nail art for a few days which was really nice :).
Also the pictures were actually taken on the third day of wear with no visible tip damage which is impressive for me as I'm quite hard on my nails.
I love Tiki Torch so much and I'm really glad I managed to get hold of it.


  1. This polish looked great and I think it was a great match with the decals, they looked hand painted! :D

    1. Thanks :) it's one of my all time favourite polishes x


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