Sunday, 20 October 2013

Ethereal Lacquer Thigh Highs Swatch

I only got my first Ethereal Lacquer polishes this week from Rainbow Connection but I am in love already. I showed you Callisto yesterday and today I am showing you Thigh Highs a gorgeous cream polish with a golden shimmer running through it. As you can see it is very sheer- this is three coats with top coat but I don't mind because I quite like the visible nail line with neutral nail polishes. I can never explain to you how beautiful this polish is, you'll have to buy it to see (but get Callisto as well if you do!).
It can be difficult for me to find neutral polish colours which don't clash with my incredibly pale skin but this one just looks gorgeous. The golden shimmer gives it this extra life that other similar polishes I own don't have. I am going to have to try a single coat of this over a black polish to see what it looks like.
So what do you think? Will you be adding this beauty to your stash? Need one last photo to convince you?
Well there you have it, a gorgeous polish well worth a look. I will be showing you some nail art over this tomorrow but it was too lovely not to show you alone.


  1. Very pretty, looks great on you

  2. This is so pretty! It must look so good in different lights! :)


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