Wednesday, 30 October 2013

33DC Artwork with your favourite brand

I couldn't really pick a favourite brand- for a start I have a load of indie brands I couldn't choose between for my glittery and holographic polishes. So I decided to change this prompt a little bit and I am showing you artwork with my favourite cheap polish brand NYC. NYC is only available at Superdrug, all their polishes are named after New York City and they do a good range of amazing cremes, glitters and foils.
I got Lincoln Center fairly recently from Fragrance Direct and it is an amazing burgundy colour in two coats (on the first coat it does look like blood). The foil effects range has four amazing stamping polishes in it (avoid the orange) and their gold is actually my go to stamping colour and as they're so cheap at £1.50 you don't mind the wastage you get with stamping so much.
I decided to do a tone on tone stamp with these two colours and I hope you like this more subtle look. I got the stamping centre on my nail by rolling the stamper vertically up my nail- looking from the tip towards the cuticle end to make sure it was lined up.

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