Thursday, 24 October 2013

The colour challenged picks my polishes

So I am jumping on the bandwagon of people who have had their significant other choose a few nail polishes for them to do some nail art with and today my lovely Stuart picked out NYC Lexington Yellow, piCture pOlish Orbit, Pocket Money Polish Yellow Submarine and OPI Taylor Blue. While I'm mentioning Taylor Blue Work, Play, Polish posted today that it's going to be sold again in November so check out the link to her blog to read about that.
I really don't use ruffian nail art enough, it's really suited to the round shape that my cuticles have. I loved the look here before I added Orbit although I do like the dark contrast on the tips.
I thought I would talk you through my thought process here: I knew that the yellow would have to go on first because it is definitely a two coater and I would struggle to get it opaque over either of the blues. I then thought it would be really cool to have a bright pop of colour be painting on the OPI as a ruffian and then putting the PMP over the top tying those colours together. I meant to use Orbit to do the ruffian on my accent nail but totally forgot so the only way I could think of to include it without throwing the whole mani off was to paint on a thin tip with it but it's quite thick and difficult to manipulate.
Not too bad really :), at one point he had both of the blues and an orange very sheer jelly polish and I was worried. I had fun doing this and it was really interesting to see what my boyfriend pulled out of my collection.


  1. I really like this combination! Super bright and super pretty =) I really like that glitter-it's a PMP I hadn't seen before too!
    Also there's a FB group for this if you want to do it regularly (at the moment they do a link up once a month!)

    1. Thanks :), it's a one off that I managed to grab. Thank you for letting me know about the group I'm going to check them out x

  2. Cool, cool, cool! Love that idea:) I love your blog and I'm following you:)

  3. This looks so cute :) I like the unexpected combination of colors, it looks very original! I love the blue-and-yellow-hex polish!

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