Tuesday, 10 September 2013

31DC Gradient

The A England polishes that I have make fantastic gradients, they all have the same finish and blend seamlessly into one another. Every polish in this post was bought secondhand or in a sale :).
I love this gradient because it looks like the colours of a duck and the glitter I used was called mallard.
She Walks in Beauty is very difficult to photograph, its a gold base with rose gold hexagons and this is two coats of it. It's much more attractive in real life than it looks here.
Purple and green is a fairly unusual combination but I really like it, the glitter works very well over the top :)


  1. I love purple/green combos, they complement each other so nicely. And I love any mani incorporating rose gold- we don't use that color often enough :)

  2. This gradient is so pretty! The colours go so well together too! :)


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