Wednesday, 4 September 2013

31DC Green

This is not really nail art, more a combination of polishes but I recently got both of these polishes and had to try them out. I know shatters went out of fashion last year but I like the look of this one over the nude with the circle glitters just peeping through.
This post is showcasing a gorgeous British indie polish, Growing Strong by Dragon Glass Nails. Growing Strong is based on the Tyrell house in Game of Thrones. Margaery Tyrell is one of my favourite characters from GoT (I can't say why whilst also being spoiler free, but her slytherinness is awesome!)
This is two coats of Growing Strong which still has visible nail line but I quite like that in nude polishes. The yellow glitters came out easily but I had to do some minute fishing and placing of the green glitters. I'm going to blame my overhasty application for the couple of bubbles that appeared.
I love how this looks with the green shatter, I'm not normally a shatter person but in the right circumstances it looks great. Tomorrow is my first stamping in this challenge.

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  1. The shatter polish over the glitter looks really interesting. I like it.


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