Wednesday, 25 September 2013

31DC Inspired by fashion 33DC Most used colour

I am a little pushed for time this week because I am being an extra in a film and am unable to wear nail polish while filming and I'm filming for 4 days. So this is a speedy mani with no base. This is my first time using one of the Revlon-Marchesa nail wraps and it was a fantastic experience, it was very easy to apply with no wrinkles whatsoever. The fashion inspiration is of course these fabulous nail wraps. Again this is a double challenge with most used colour from the 33DC- my most used colour is definitely blue.
I love holographic roses but I will accept that I may have done too many designs with roses in this week. I think my technique is getting better but it's pretty hard to get the lines as thin as I want them to be.
The polishes I used were: Chirality Cu2+, Barry M Blue Grape and Elegant Touch White.
The nail wrap is awesome and I like how understated this whole mani is. I apologise for the staining on my nails- I just didn't have time to put a base on.

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  1. That nail wrap was featured in Allure so I recognized it right away. It looks good!


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