Saturday, 25 May 2013

Happy Revolution Flip Flip Flipadelphia

When I saw the Happy Revolution collaboration between Happy Hands and Polish Revolution there were two that really caught my eye, Flip Flip Flipadelphia and Aluminium Monster. Flip flip flipadelphia caught my eye mostly because I've been thinking about the May tri polish challenge quite a lot and I really love the combination of red and grey. I decided to layer this polish over a coat of Mavala Berlin for opacity and then applied two coats of the polish. The formula was very easy to work with and the hexes came out very well I also had no problems with glitter clumping on the nail. This is a grey crelly base with small red and grey glitter and red and grey hexes. The red is sparse enough that you see mostly grey with flashes of red but at the perfect density that there are many flashes of red per nail. I apologise for my nails being so short, this is my right hand and my nails were becoming so flaky that I decided just to cut them all down and hopefully they will grow out again a bit stronger. Some things are much easier to do with short nails though so if it didn't look so weird having one long hand and one short hand I might be tempted to keep them this way.

These are sunlight pictures, the sun came out for just long enough for me to get these. It makes me very sad to have to sit inside revising 7 days a week when the sun is shining and I bet as soon as I have finished my exams we'll have torrential rain for the next two weeks.
And now I have a shade picture

And mattified just because:
This polish takes on a whole different life when it's mattified and when I wear it again I'll immediately mattify it.

No vine today because I already showed you the video of my unwrapping the parcel these came in.
I will show you Aluminium Monster at a later date but I am currently wearing it on my toenails and it looks absolutely fabulous I can't wait to see how it looks mattified, it's going to be legen- wait for it-dary!
And just for comedy value, whilst editing the photos for this post I had to photoshop out a couple of ink stains from my fingers because this happened when I was making mind maps this morning

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