Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Designing nails for an outfit

Last week I did a friend's nails for an event. She sent me a picture of her outfit and I did a skittle mani of five different designs that she could choose from based on the outfit. Here are the designs I came up with:
Click the jump to see the outfit and find out what design she picked

And here is the outfit:

I used the idea of the blue lace over the nude for the stamping, and then just went with blue and gold for the rest of the nails. I've been wanting to try ikat nails for a while so I gave that a go as well.
The polishes involved in this mani are OPI Eurso Euro, My vampire is buff and Gold finger, Nail Girls' Gold and Barry M Nail art pen in black.
These photos are in a softer light- more like the lighting there will be at the event. This stamping design is beautiful, it's from  a bundle monster plate.
Can you guess which look she chose? Well here's the full mani on her nails:
Would you also have gone with the stamping over nude? It was my personal favourite (although I will be revisiting ikat shortly) Eurso Euro stamps like a dream and goes perfectly with My vampire is buff.

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