Sunday, 19 May 2013

Crumpet inspired Dragon Scales

I've been looking at this mani by the Crumpet for weeks in her header but I wasn't able to find the actual post until now. Once I found the post I discovered that I have the plate (BM 313) with the giraffe print on and I knew exactly which polish I was going to use under the stamping- Happy Hands Am I Not Yours. Rather than just copy the Crumpet though I mixed things up a bit by doing the full pattern on three of my nails in gold.
The base on my nails is Barry M Racing Green which hasn't been on their shelves recently but is a gorgeous deep forest green, opaque in two coats

The gold polish is my favourite gold stamping polish; Nail Girls Gold which I have used so many times recently. This look is incredible- the stamping over the glitter just gives it a whole other dimension. Dragons are my favourite fantasy creatures and it's really cool to have just a little reminder of them on my nails.

I have a vine of my nails to show you them in motion, catching the light

I love the functionality of Vine although having to press the screen to film is a little awkward when engaging in an activity which require two hands.

 The next photo is to show you how this looked immediately after stamping, as you can see I missed the tips of all of my nails and a little bit of the cuticle end of some of them as well however, I successfully patched all of this up with my nail art brush and some more polish and if you didn't know you would not be able to tell I don't think.

I have another vine showing you a little bit of my methods because it's fun and I'm really enjoying seeing what I can do with this app. In little parts of this you can see the reflection of my eyes from the stamping plate which is kind of cool, the lime green is my iPad case cover. (The scraping in this is a bit superficial because it's almost impossible to do with only one hand free).

On a side note I was looking back at my post on the Happy Hands polish and realised that I actually named the polish  wrongly in the post title as Are you mine?- I must have been having a bit of an existential crisis.

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