Saturday, 18 May 2013

Model's Own Nail stickers

I have somewhat of a love hate relationship with nail stickers. I love the complex looks you can get on your nail without multiple layers of polish and hours of time but nail stickers do not like my nails. I have tiny tiny child hands and as a result very thin, very curvy nails. This means that the nail stickers buckle and curve and I have to trim them and all in all it's a huge faff. But I've been seeing them pop up all over everyone else's blogs and they look so good therefore I have three different brands of nail sticker to show you over the course of the week followed by a round up post.

Today's manicure will star Model's Own Pow nail stickers. These are their awesome stickers based off comic book styling however these are sooooo long. Seriously how many normal, average people have nails long enough to fit on more than half of these stickers? Which is really unfortunate because when I wear these I lose most of the coloured polka dot bit and the words look a little strange by themselves.

Anyway I soldiered on- I have vined my process (love vine) so you can see what I did to apply these. Click on the jump to see my video :).

I'm using a single sticker as a accent because they're quite expensive and I can make the pack last forever if I only use one or two at a time- also they're just more effective that way. I then put a really, really quick three coats of Bourjois SunnySun on the rest of my nails to finish off, hence the bubbles and slight unevenness. If I were doing this nail art to go anywhere important (unlikely with finals just over a week away) I would probably put small white polka dots on the rest of my nails to match.

The slightly strange frame in this where it looks like the nail sticker is peeling off the tip is supposed to show that I've cut away the excess- who can be bothered with all that filing. I'm not sure I can express how pleased I am with this video it's such a succinct summing up of the process.

So you can see in motion from a distance it looks really good but I'm sure you'll be able to see all the flaws in the pictures- I have buckling on all four edges of my nail and the top coat has given it a strange jaggedy texture.

I probably won't buy any more Model's Own stickers- they just don't work for my nails even though the pattern is awesome. I will enjoy using up this pack on occasions where no-one will be looking closely at my nails. My next nail sticker post will be Sally Hansen real nail polish strips.

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