Thursday, 23 May 2013

Second May Tricolour Challenge

For my second mani with red, blue and grey I went for a fish braid. The first time I tried this style I didn't like it very much (pastel fish braid) however, I think I have been won over by this colour combination, it's very intriguing and I can't stop staring at my nails. I have used the same polishes as last time (NYC Water street blue, Nails Inc Hampstead Heath and Mavala Berlin) plus a clear based glitter NYC's Gramercy Glitz because I felt like having glittery nails. I have done this as an accent nail mani for simplicity but if I were going to do it across my whole hand I would have started with different colours on each nail so the plaits would look different on each nail.

As you can see this time I managed to get the layers much more even widths and the crosses all meet in the middle.

This is quite a messy design and I had polish everywhere before clean up but I used my dotting tools to pull off large pools of excess wet polish from the sides which helps enormously.

I am converted and would definitely use this design again just being really careful which colours I pick. The glitter over the top just pulls the whole look together.

Next up in the tricolour challenge will be a cloud mani.


I read all comments and greatly enjoy hearing your thoughts on my manicures :)