Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sally Hansen Nail Stickers

In the second of my nail sticker posts I bring you Zip It! Real nail polish strips by Sally Hansen. I got these for half price at TK Maxx to try out because there is one of the full price designs in Boots that I absolutely love but I'm not willing to spend £8 on unless I've seen how they fit on my fingers. Again these are incredibly long (really- who are they designed for?). My first impression is that the smallest one is probably the right size for my little finger which is a massive plus. I've done a two accent nail mani with these to make the most of the zip motif. These are very different to the Model's Own stickers in that they're not actually stickers at all they are sheets of polish which you peel off the backing and place on your nail then rub with a cuticle stick to get them to stick down. Again with these I just couldn't get a flat finish but seen as they're metallic it doesn't really matter as the slight texture adds to the effect and over the course of a day these did flatten down beautifully,

I paired my zipper nail stickers with Happy Revolution Aluminium Monster two coats over a coat of Barry M Black. This combination is beautiful and this polish has just soared into my top five favourite polishes. It's so complex there are big blue glitters, big holographic glitters little holographic particles and a blue green shimmer. It's a combination of all my favourite things in one polish and I'm having a black polish moment right now. This polish makes my heart race every time I look at it. I put it on for the first time at night and couldn't wait to see it in the sun time. Of course as soon as I wrote that it started raining.

I would definitely try another style of these as I think with practice it would be possible to get a smoother finish than I did this time and I really really love the floral pattern.

I like the zip design but I don't think it was released with the main collection which would explain why it was in TK Maxx. I think these are great, they work well with top coat, you can put other top coats on top as well (I think Digital Nails Spectraflair would be fantastic on this).

And on my right hand I have a complete contrast to the dark sophistication in the combination of NYC Raindrop and a very thin layer of Happy Hands Motherboy. This just says summer to me, it's so simple and beautiful. The pink circles are much more neon than they appear in this photo.

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