Thursday, 9 May 2013

Clouds in A-England

It's actually been really sunny in England but I painted clouds on my nails and as I write that I realise just how British it sounds. I saw this design over at Nailside and I love it. Nail art which can be done just with the polish brushes is the best- minimal clean up and less expense on tools. I decided to just use my A England polishes for this mani. So here we have my beautiful clouds:

So we have St. George, Ascalon and Tristam. They all have an amazing shimmer and look fantastic together.

There has in fact been so much sun lately that I have actually been able to take sun photos of all my manis which is fantastic because nail polish always looks better in the sun.

So this was a fantastic success. I'm going to mattify this tomorrow and I'll show you the pictures of that.

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