Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Majestic Flight Nail Art

I decided to try a little subtle nail art with my favourite new polish Majestic Flight by Emily de Molly. The base of Majestic flight is exactly the same colour as OPI Taylor Blue and as I didn't want to have millions of layers of polishes on my nails to build up to full opacity I started with a simple diagonal french with Taylor Blue and Barry M Racing Green
I then added two coats of majestic flight on top of this

And there we have it, a very subtle diagonal french manicure with the beautiful Majestic flight. After I had put the second coat on I wished I hadn't as it really obscured the change in base colour.

I really like this as a very simple way to change the look of a glitter polish without putting polishes on top of it and covering the glitter. This is important to me because indie polishes are fairly expensive to ship to the UK (bar the rare English indie company) so I want to be able to see them if I'm going to wear them.

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