Thursday, 2 May 2013

Cadillacquer- Live Free and Remember Me

My mail from Cadillacquer has arrived! I was so excited to discover another indie brand which is not so far away that shipping is horrifically expensive. Cadillacquer is based in Sweden. I got two different polishes, Live Free from the Such is Life collection and Remember Me from the Do you See what I See? collection. They are absolutely beautiful in a really toned down but unique way. If people just glanced at my nails these polishes look like speckled pastel eggs, if you look closer though the glitters really pop out of the polish. Having small glitters as well as large ones adds complexity and there is some shimmer in there also. I love the circular glitter, it's a new look for me. This is a photo heavy post but I hope you enjoy it, I was trying very hard to capture the beauty of these in the poor English weather (no sun for me).
Here is a combined pic of both bottles
Live Free on the left is not as peachy as this on the nail and Remember Me on the right is a minty green
And I will start with Live Free, a baby pink polish with bright blue circular glitter, brown micro glitter and slightly blue shimmer.
It goes on very well and actually only requires two coats although I have put on three for the photos. I love that it's a very subtle colour with a flash of fun from the blue. I can see myself reaching for this over and over again.

And now you have had time to appreciate the beauty of Live Free I will move onto Remember Me a mint green base with fuchsia circular glitter and fuchsia and sliver microglitter in there as well.
 Again from a distance it looks quite simple but the closer you look at it the more complex it gets. You are seeing three coats but two coats provide full opacity.
And finally a combination sandwich look of these two polishes because I really wanted to see what these would look like layered. So this is a thin coat of Live Free over three coats of Remember Me.
I'm really enjoying the combination of these names, it sounds like a line from a romance novel; live free and remember me.
When layered the polish is a baby blue colour with a pink tone and the blue shimmer from Live Free. The fuchsia glitter can still be seen through the layer and the blue glitter is on top. It's a fabulous combination.
I think the thing I like so much about these polishes is their simplicity. The finish isn't overloaded with different types and colours of glitter which means the main focus of these polishes is the contrast between the base and the glitter. There is also something really intriguing about circular glitter that i can't quite put my finger on. Suffice it to say that I will definitely be returning to Cadillacquer for more of her polishes I'm really hankering after Cute Poison and Tell it to the Frogs. I have a friend who is obsessed with frogs so this would be a great present for her.

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