Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Illamasqua Persoid- make it work for you

I received Illamasqua Persoid for Christmas and went in cautiously knowing that other people have had problems with the formula. I decided to show it to you four different ways- two coats alone and layered over 3 different colours (Black, Purple and Blue). The idea behind Persoid is gorgeous, it's a black base with green shimmer and tiny holo glitters alongside purple hexes which flash holo as well.
Here's what the first coat of each colour looked like: OPI Tomorrow Never Dies, Barry M Espresso, Illamasqua Persoid and OPI Eurso Euro.
I wanted to show you the lumpy texture of Persoid before top coat- not so nice:
Here are they all at their best showing off the glorious green shimmer and purple hexes.
I like this the most on my little and index fingers and the key here was to wipe a lot of the polish off the brush and go in with a thin layer over the top of another polish. That gives you the same colour as two coats alone with slightly less visible glitter and a smoother texture which is totally smooth with a single layer of top coat. So there you are, Persoid is at its best when paired with a base polish but be careful to use a thin coat. Out of these I would wear it over the purple OPI.

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  1. Naa I still don't like it on, it's such a shamee :(



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