Monday, 30 December 2013

Octopus Baby Hat

I may have fooled you into thinking that I only knit sensible things... May I disabuse that notion by showing you this baby hat I knitted :). I can't show you it on the baby because it is to be posted to Australia for an Ozzie baby.
This is based on a pattern by Martha Johnson however I changed my octopus and fish a bit.  The hat by itself is lovely, with a wavy pattern made to look like the sea. Next time I would have switched to grey to do the top section so that it looked like the octopus was sat on a rock.
The you knit the octopus and sew him on top
I loved the effect this pink variegated yarn gave to the octopus and I gave him a smile.
Finally I embroidered the fish in orange onto the hat to prevent adding bulk. I love how this turned out and I'm excited to send it to Australia to the baby's parents.

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