Monday, 23 December 2013

Crafty Bits

I like to think I'm a crafty person (read as I like to try lots of things) however picking up new hobbies can be very expensive so I do have a few old favourites that I always return to and knitting is one of these. This weekend I spent both evenings knitting a pair of hand warmers for Stuart from this gorgeous Blue faced Leicester yarn
The hand warmers modelled expertly here by Stuart (at 7am) knitted up really quickly and the yarn feels lovely and squishy.
The variegated effect is more pronounced because I held the strands double but I quite like the slightly crazy look of these. I have enough yarn left to make something else although I haven't decided what yet.
So there you have a slightly off track post. I have also been doing some quilling which you might have seen on my twitter :). If you fancy learning how to knit I highly recommend it- I learnt two years ago from books and you tube tutorials and consider myself pretty sufficient now.

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