Sunday, 21 July 2013

Day 21: Stamping OMD Challenge

The challenge with stamping for me was coming up with something that wasn't simply a full nail stamp. I settled on this mani which I love so much
This took a fairly long time to complete and I'll explain it to you step by step:
1) Put down a white base layer and wait to dry
2) Apply two pieces of striping tape to form a triangle pointing towards your cuticle, use a small brush to fill in these triangles with your chosen colours then peel off the tape
3) Once the coloured triangles are dry cover up the side triangles with tape and stamp your pattern on the middle triangle. To get the pattern perfectly centred as on the middle and index nails roll the stamper up your nail vertically and look towards the cuticle from the end of the nail (I wish I had remembered this trick right from the start)
4) Topcoat and show off your amazing new nail art :)
The polishes are; Essential Touch White, Konad White Stamping polish, Mavala Berlin, Barry M Guava and Barry M Key Lime.
This manicure looks amazing :). It's not a complex as it looks to do and although there are periods of drying you can get on with other tasks during these. Give it a go, you'll see how simple it really is :)
There are now only ten days left of the OMD Challenge and the challenges get harder from here in. Remember to check out everyone else's stamping manis here.


  1. beautiful! I bet it did take a while- and I despise waiting for polish to dry! lol

    1. Thank you :), I know, thank god for fast dry top coat!

  2. I really like these, plus that blue is super awesome!

    1. Thanks :) it's such a great polish, it's one of the Barry M gellies so it stamps as well :)


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