Saturday, 20 July 2013

Day 20: 3D Nails OMD Challenge

3D nails... What the hell counts for 3D nails? I can't stand having things sticking up off my nails, I can't even stand the texture polishes on my finger nails so needless to say I won't be doing actual 3D nails, instead I will be doing dots with shadows as if they are 3D. I have to admit this was started with no real aim in mind but I really like how it finished up with the shimmery base going well with the creme graphic dots. It reminds me of atoms moving about, or lego.
So many polishes, the base is two coats of Barry M black with a coat of Topshop Mermaid (gorgeous over black, but rubbish alone). the base dots were done in A England Bridal Veil and the coloured dots are in Barry M Guava and Bourjois Sunny Sun.
I really like how these turned out, the colours and the design work well together.
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