Friday, 19 July 2013

Day 19: Glitter OMD Challenge

I went through three designs for glitter before settling on the awesomeness that is this one.
This is three coats of OPI Candle Light stamped with Barry M Guava which was then used to create a half moon shape on the nail with a coat of Digital Nails Ultimate Ginger over the Guava. Ultimate Ginger is an amazing glitter polish full of marigold, orange and white glitter, it perfectly suits this colour combination. The photos of this don't even come close to how amazing this looks in real life. The stamping is much more visible in person but I guess the colours were just a bit too much for the camera to pick up the stamping.
I think the half moon is a very flattering nail art design, it makes your nails look longer although perhaps not when the colours contrast this much.
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  1. This looks so bright and fun. And I know what you mean.... i want to write in every post- 'this looks so much better in real life!' lol

  2. Love the color combo on this! :)


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