Thursday, 25 July 2013

Day 25: Inspired by a Film OMD and Tri-Polish Challenges

The film I am being inspired by is The Lord of The Rings, in particular the idyllic images of Bilbo Baggins' home. I am still restricted by the tri-polish colours and I have used two of my polishes Essie Rock the Boat and NYC Greenwich Village as well as the white polish Jessica Goddess and some glitters pulled from Pocket Money Polishes I Want Candy to form clouds and a sun.
I enjoyed this although the designs which go along sets of nails look a little strange unless you have your nails in the exact right position.
I was quite pleased with myself when I thought of using the glitter from I Want Candy to form the sun, it's the perfect colour. I will be featuring I Want Candy in an upcoming post but it's a great neon glitter topper.
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