Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Day 3: Purple OMD Challenge

It took three tries to get a post I was happy with publishing for purple but this one was definitely worth the effort. I wanted to feature another of my Tara's Talons polishes, the stunning glitter that is Clowning Around. There is every colour of glitter you could imagine in this and the best news is that Tara made ten bottles of this- I got number 8 and there is just one still available on etsy here.
I put down two coats of Clowning Around and then used striping tape to section off my nails into three triangles.
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I filled in the dark purple with a small brush and was able to fill in the pale purple with the polish brush.  I think the purples perfectly frame and compliment the Clowning Around without detracting from it.
There's definitely some upsides and downsides to doing a challenge, it's easier to have a theme rather than starting from scratch each post but it does mean that you have to keep going until your idea pans out. I will be happy not to look at purple again for a while but I would never have come up with this design without the challenge.
The polishes used here are: Tara's Talons Clowning Around, OPI Tomorrow Never Dies, Essie Full Steamahead

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