Sunday, 14 July 2013

Day 14: Flowers OMD Challenge

For the flowers challenge I decided to freehand some very simple flowers over a complex jelly sandwich base.
The jelly sandwich is made up of OPI Bubblebath, Digital Nails Wibbly Wobbly and Digital Nails Bad Wolf. When I first finished this combination I thought my nails looked like they were mouldy but it was just the light and this jelly sw combination has been growing on me for the past day :). I think it looks like a meadow in the back ground thanks to the pink hexes present in Wibbly Wobbly. 
The colours of the flowers are a yellow polish mixed with white and dots of OPI Hi Pumpkin. 
Perhaps not everyone's idea of a summer mani but I am really enjoying the simplicity of this. check out everyone else's flower manis here

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  1. It does look like a meadow! :) Lovely job!


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