Sunday, 7 July 2013

Day 7: Holo OMD Challenge

I did something a little different for the holo challenge. I used one of my untried polishes Emily de Molly's Fifth Element in three coats then added a coat of Digital Nails Spectraflair. I only had a 10 minute sun window to take these photos so I apologise for the weird background and skin colour
The Emily de Molly polish has the brightest glitter I've ever seen, those red hexes are incredible.
The spectraflair produces this amazing subtle linear holo effect which really adds to The Fifth Element.
Remember to check out everyone else's Holographic mani (probably more arty than mine) here


  1. I have Fifth Element - I will have to try this. :) Nice job!

  2. It's a great polish although I have Majestic FLight which is very similar and I think I prefer that one of the two.


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