Sunday, 21 July 2013

British Indie News- Dragon Glass Nails

Do you follow me on twitter? If you do you may already have heard about Dragon Glass Nails, a new British indie bursting onto the scene. Georgia currently has two polishes available for pre order- a gold holo top coat called Hear me Roar and an aubergine, gold, holo, textured extravaganza called Blood and Fire (inspired by Game of Thrones). I have opted for Blood and Fire because it looks so different to anything I currently own. I pinched the bottle shots from etsy for you to have a look at.
Check out her etsy shop here (Dragon Glass Nails) and see for yourself :)


  1. I really love them both, I can't wait to see Blood and fire on nails!

    Although I have a love affair with gold, so Hear me roar is amazing too.

  2. I just saw that you posted this, thank you so much for the promotion! I can't wait to get them posted out to you, I'm just waiting on my jiffy bags arriving and then I'll get it in the mail!
    Thanks :)


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