Thursday, 11 July 2013

Day 11: Stripes OMD Challenge

I decided to show you two stripe designs, one of which is recycling yesterday's metallic post. The first design is based on Globe and Nail's reciprocal gradient using my favourite gradient colours, blue, green and yellow. This took about an hour to complete and I put sellotape on my fingers to reduce the amount of clean up necessary.
The polishes here are NYC Lexington Yellow, Barry M Guava and Key Lime.
And now the recycled manicure, there's something very cool about being able to totally change a look in a few minutes so that you have something different for the next day. I changed this look by adding stripes of My Vampire is Buff, the colour I originally used for the base of this mani.
I love the look of the hidden stamping.
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  1. Wow, the reciprocal gradient looks great!

  2. Oooh! Two designs! Very lovely! I love the idea of recycling yestetdays mani!

  3. Love both of them, but the green/yellow/blue is stunning! :)


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