Friday, 26 July 2013

Day 26: Favourite Holiday OMD Challenge

I went for a general feeling of holiday inspired by Barcelona, sunsets and sangria. I really wanted to try this orange polish from H&M  and it is gorgeous, a deep shimmery red leaning orange. The colours in the gradient are another H&M polish and Barry M Mango
I just wish the gradients hadn't been quite so dominated by Mango.
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  1. I really love the colours here! Btw what stamp did you use for the oranges, I love it! it's so freaking cute.

    1. Thanks :) it's bundle monster 308, I've seen a lot of people do cool things with it stamping in green over yellow so it looks like lemons and limes as well as oranges so it's quite a versatile one

  2. Love the stamping! :) All the colors go perfectly together! :)


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