Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Polish Days: To Boldly Go Challenge

I was so excited to see that the polish days June theme was scifi, one of my favourite shows as a child/teenager was Stargate SG1. Me and my dad would watch it every night and I've been planning a star gate themed mani for the past couple of weeks. I decided to use this as my first opportunity to use acrylic paints on my nails. I'm a terrible artist so I didn't have paints just lying around- I came across a big set in TK Maxx a couple of weeks ago and picked them up. I can see why people use them for detailed nail art, they are so much easier to manipulate than nail polish.

These are all iconic images in the world of stargate, from little finger inwards, the gate home symbol for the Earth, the Stargate itself, a goa'uld attack ship, the mark of apophis embedded on Teal'c's forehead and SG1 the name of the best team. 
I couldn't resist a little shot with a Stargate DVD
The best way to show you what the Stargate is supposed to look like is via gif so here we go, I could look at this all day it's so soothing.
I hope I conveyed it well in paint form, I was pretty pleased with myself :). 
It's hard to portray a show that you absolutely love in the form of tiny pictures but luckily the format of Stargate lends itself well to nail art due to the incredible prevalence of symbols. 

The art on my index finger is supposed to show this symbol on Teal'c's forehead. It's supposed to be set in gold in his skin (he's an alien).

The base polish is A England Bridal veil with Digital Nails Pandorica on my middle finger and thumb to add some holographic magic.
I'm trying to be a bit more adventurous with my post formatting, moving the photos around a little and using different sizes. I really like it, I'm definitely going to work on my blog formatting more. I'm feeling a little inspired. Make sure you check out everyone else's scifi themed manicures via the inkzlinks.


  1. Awesome mani Hun, I used to watch the show all the time with my big bro! :)

    Aysh xox

    1. Thanks :), I think it's one of my all time favourite TV shows

  2. awesome designs!

  3. Oh god so many SG1 memories! And this nail art is sooo perfect! You captured the spirit very well!


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