Sunday, 23 June 2013

May week nails

For our ball week I have been doing a lot of other people's nails and I thought I'd take the chance to show you a few of them in a post.
These were for Rose to go with a multicoloured dress with some pixellated styling on it.
Barry M Guava and Black nail art pen, Jessica Lime Cooler and Bourjois Sunny Sun
These were for my friend Fiona to wear with a white dress with red flowers on. This is some of the most consistent stamping work I've done so far so I was very pleased with it.
OPI My vampire is buff and I'm not really a waitress
These ones were for Abi. This pattern probably looks familiar as I've used it a few times(here and here) but again this is a design by The Manicurator.
OPI My vampire is buff and NYC Full metal jacket
This one is for Mary, stamping using a BM plate
Emily de Molly Oceanic Forces and Barry M Silver Foil
These were for Helen, when I give my friends free range on my polish collection they tend to go for the more interesting indie crelly glitter blends. I'm surprised more main stream brands aren't producing these sorts of polishes yet.
Emily de Molly Majestic Flight and NYC Full metal jacket

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