Thursday, 13 June 2013

Samba coat inspired nails

My boyfriend, Stuart, is in a samba band and for his costume has a crazily painted coat. A picture taken of him at one of the gigs ended up in the Cambridge newspaper and I decided to do nails inspired by motifs in the coat :). And ta-dah here is Stuart playing away- sorry about the quality it's a picture of the newspaper, and the nails I came up with: I did them all in acrylic paint on a base of white nail polish.

I'm incredibly proud of this nail art :) it got so many compliments and I wore it for a record 4 days. 
Stuart loved them :) and they were so bright and awesome. 
My freehand is definitely improving although there's no way I could have replicated this on my right hand and this would have taken a lot longer than it did if I was using nail polish instead of acrylics. 
If these didn't take so long I would wear them all the time, I love them. I was very sad when I had to take this off in preparation for a job interview today (wish me luck). 

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