Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My 100th Post! May Ball Nails

Wooooo! I made it to 100 posts. Thank you everyone who's following me and everyone who comments on my posts, it makes me so happy when people like my nail art.
Yesterday I went to an end of exams ball at Downing College, Cambridge and did nails to match my dress and jewellery. I got the idea from a Pshiiiit! design I've had on my Pinterest for a while. I didn't want the nails to over power the dress so I went for some subtle gold stamping. 
The base here is A England Tristam, the gold is NYC Full Metal Jacket. I put down a coat of Tristam and then taped off triangles of my nails and stamped the design on in gold on my non accent nails and put a coat of gold on my accent nails. I then stamped over the accent nails with Tristam and top coated everything. 
Here is a photo of me in my dress (Ted Baker for Selfridges) :) I did my own hair based on a Gwyneth Paltrow style from Sliding Doors (if you haven't seen this film you should go watch it- it's amazing!).
I also added some rhinestones to the base of my shoes to commemorate May Week '13 (yes Cambridge May Week actually happens in June- I'm not entirely sure why). 

And here are a couple of pictures of the ball.
And now I'm going to sleep a little longer in preparation for another party tonight :)

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