Tuesday, 25 June 2013

June tripolish 3

I almost didn't have anything to show for the third June tri polish challenge as due to a break my right hand nails are incredibly short and I really didn't want to take the polish on my left hand off as it's amazing (you'll see it tomorrow). So in the end I decided to just do a mani on my very tiny right hand nails.
I ended up with this stripy, flowery mani. I put tape over my base coat to make the two strips of naked nail then freehanded the coloured stripe using a short striping brush then stamped on the flowers. the gold flowers on red remind me of embroidery on chinese dresses.
This is again NYC Chelsea Cherry, Greenwich Village and Lavender Cupcake with Full Metal Jacket. 
I'm not totally convinced that I like this but it is definitely interesting and eye catching. 

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