Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Nails Inc Tribal Nails

I put down two coats of one of my new Nails Inc polishes which is a gorgeous grey with orange shimmer. I think it's called Covent Garden Ballet but most of my polishes are currently boxed up for moving out of university and I can't be sure. I got it as part of a set of 10 polishes for £20. I was just going to leave it but then I started doodling with my Barry M Black Nail Art Pen on top of it. I like the finished result:

I like this because it looks quite neutral until it gets under the light and then the orange shimmer shines through and it is beautiful. I can't photograph the grey colour and the shimmer separately so the base colour is a little greyer than these photos and the shimmer is really orange.
I currently have a tea bag repair job on my ring finger because I got a break and couldn't bear to cut them all down. It's not totally smooth but the detailing actually distracts from the slight bumps. Hopefully this will hold the nail together until the break is a little further up and then I'll cut all of my nails shorter.

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