Friday, 14 June 2013

Houndstooth nail decals

I saw the tutorial by Gnarly Nails on how she made her neon houndstooth nail decals and I thought it looked like a fantastic idea. I don't have that many suitable stamping patterns so I also went with houndstooth but I have some other ideas in the works. I love this, I made these  two weeks ago and then they made for a really quick mani change today and they look fabulous. I also have a job interview tomorrow so I needed to have matching nails for once and this is a really easy way to get nail art on both hands.

I used various polishes to colour in the back of the houndstooth: piCture pOlish Paradise,  NYC High line green, water street blue and Lexington yellow and OPI Flashbulb Fuchsia. The stamp is in Konad special black polish. Paradise adds this really interesting glittery effect which I love.
These are my decals before applying to the nails.
I have so many photos of these because they looked so awesome but I'm just going to show you one more of my left hand:
And a final one of my right hand to show you how easy these are to apply. Unlike nail stickers these easily flatten to the nail and don't end up buckling or anything else.
So both my hands look awesome and now I can only hope that the job interview goes well.


  1. I love these! The colours look amazing with the houndstooth design! :)

  2. i love this! i want this too.

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