Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Polished by KPT Siren's Song

Now that it's cold I wanted to retry my thermal polishes when they will actually change. This one I have and have never tried and it is Polished by KPT Siren Song, a store exclusive for Rainbow Connection. I decided to compare it to Liquid Sky Lacquer Teal it Like it is to show how the glitter makes a difference to the appearance of a thermal. So the LSL is on my ring finger and Siren Song is on all the others.
I think these polishes were made using the same pigment because the colours are the same but the glitter really makes a difference to how they look in the warm phase (above). In the cold phase the dark teal doesn't really show the glitter.
What makes these two so amazing is the holographic flash contained in the polish. Just spectacular.
I don't think Sinren's Song is available any longer- sorry about that, but you could easily mimic this look with Teal it like it is and a clear based glitter topper. The polish was really changing colours all the time and it was really interesting to watch.

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